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April 2009

I is born agin

Making heaven hellish

In the last week or so, Jerry and I have had someone close in our lives inform us that we are eternally destined for the fires of hell, since we have rejected our previously-held Christian faith. Needless to say, it… Continue Reading →

Emma, lately

(Emma’s first pair of Doc Martens. I had to wait til I was in my 20’s, for my first official pair.)

happy earth day

This Earth day I’m celebrating by reading 200+ pages of student reports. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate by reading 200 more. Poor trees.

Doubt as a valued commodity

William Lobdell, former religion reporter for the LA Times, and how he lost his faith while covering stories of, well, faith: This weekend I’m giving a talk for the local freethinker group about interacting with believers. I think I’ll have… Continue Reading →

What she said:

Perhaps this is the strongest pleasure known to me. It is the rapture I get when in writing I seem to be discovering what belongs to what: making a scene come right, making a character come together . . …. Continue Reading →

And now for something completely different

The rhetorical prowess of our past president, GWB: And the Right scoffs at Obama using a teleprompter — I think they’re just pissed that their past prez couldn’t read one.

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