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Blessed are the fundamentalists…

because they are hilarious. Fundies say the darnedest things. via

Christian cannibalism

The Trials of Ted Haggard: I can remember where I was when the news of Haggard’s “massages” and meth shopping sprees came out — I was in Edmonton, on a little holiday. I was pretty pregnant with Emma at the time, and when I found out that THE president of evangelicals was a huge huge […]

What she said:

In life, so much depends on the question “Do you see what I see?” That most basic of queries binds human beings socially. . . Having one’s perceptions go uncorroborated can make one feel peculiarly alone in the world . . . marooned on my own private island of navy blue c’s, dark brown d’s, […]

paging Dr. Bennetch!

next Grey’s recruit, originally uploaded by becky b.. No scrubs are complete without Blue’s Clues slippers!

The most hated woman in America

This afternoon I watched the documentary about Madalyn Murray O’Hair, Godless in America. I was already familiar with her story, and her reputation of being “the most hated woman in America.” In fact, it was due to her efforts in the ’60s that got prayer taken out of the public schools. The documentary outlines her […]

heretics united

Tomorrow afternoon is the monthly meetup of Saskatoon Atheists, Secular Humanists, and Freethinkers, at noon in the back room of Amigo’s on Broadway. Tomorrow’s topic of discussion is Labels, labels, labels: the problem of definitions: Assuming the usual business portion of our meeting, let’s plan to discuss the topic of what labels we prefer to […]

What he said:

There’s more to being human than bearing a cell with the right collection of genes. “The fertilized egg is not a human life“PZ Myers For a scientist, he’s quite the poet.