Monthly Archives: June 2008

US Summer Tour

This is probably the best video I’ve done yet (complete with the perfect soundtrack). Our summer vacation in a nutshell:

Running observations

For week one: Choice of socks really DO make a difference. The first day I wore ye-ole-standby of cotton socks. Result? Blisters. Day 2 I wore my cotton-free running socks. Result? No blisters, and much happier feet. Plus, the lycra-blend socks feel a little luxurious, at least as far as socks go. I live in […]

everything zen

I haven’t made much of a secret of this (in my personal life and even on this website), but lately I’ve really been attracted to Buddhist philosophy. I suppose it started by being exposed to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, yet now I’m absorbing many different teachers and books — mainly in the Zen tradition […]

Run Becky Run

I’m not what you’d exactly call a fan of jogging — but, I’m even less of a fan of the baby-gut I’ve developed over the last 2 years. Hence, I’ve taken on something that may hopefully help me reduce myself weight-wise, while hopefully meeting other mamas in the area — I’ve joined the Moms in […]

How to know you’re on the right track, politically?

Piss off James Dobson: “I think [Obama is] deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology,” Dobson said. “… He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter.”

What he said:

One of the great tragedies of our time is that in our desperate incapacity to cope with the complexities of our world, we oversimplify every issue and reduce it to a neat ideological formula. Doubtless we have to do something in order to grasp things quickly and effectively. But unfortunately this “quick and effective grasp” […]

Okay, why I’m really not voting Republican:

Found at the Texas GOP convention last weekend. I suppose some things never change. via