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December 2007

Maybe "beggars" can be "choosers?"

Wendy posted this news story earlier this week, and I’ve been meaning to write about it: Mom insulted by hamper short on holiday fare What was supposed to be Christmas dinner sat on Karen Morin’s kitchen floor Thursday. The disabled… Continue Reading →

I feel it in my toes?

Happy Christmas!

Please rise for our Sunday hymn

The most wonderful Christmas card of the year

So far I’ve gotten 2 of them on Facebook, one from my sis and another from a friend. I suppose they know my sense of humor!

Ichthus, redefined?

HeavenRupert Brooke Fish (fly-replete, in depth of June,Dawdling away their wat’ry noon)Ponder deep wisdom, dark or clear,Each secret fishy hope or fear. Fish say, they have their Stream and Pond;But is there anything Beyond?This life cannot be All, they swear,For… Continue Reading →

Christmas Rhapsody

“’cause Christmas really matters…” Queen meets Christmas: Christmas Rhapsody by Pledge Drive. Jerry says it’s his new favorite carol. via

A New Kind of FAQ

For the last few months I’ve been reading an interesting blog called Leaving Eden. It’s written by an atheist student who is finishing up his/her degree at Wheaton College, a popular evangelical school in the states (and also, I think,… Continue Reading →

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