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Re: Jesus Loves You


A reproductive health primer

This is one of the better sites I’ve found online that tackles much of the misinformation surrounding reproductive health. It’s from the RH Reality Check website, and it includes documented rebuttals to many of perpetuated myths surrounding contraception use. A few of the different myths addressed include: Restricting Access is the Best Way To Reduce […]

I need to pick a fight

I think I’m going a bit stir-crazy in this maternity leave o’ mine. Right now my life consists of: Feeding baby.Playing with baby.Putting baby down for a nap.Furiously trying to finish housework and squeeze in some personal time while baby sleeps.45 minutes later, getting baby up.Changing baby.Repeat. While I know motherhood is one of the […]

Onward, christian warriors

Here’s the YouTube link to the third part of the series “God’s Warriors” — Part 1 of Christian Warriors. So far, due to life with a teething time-demanding 7-month-old, I’ve only had the chance to watch the Christian part of the series. I *will* watch the other two sections though, if only to compare and […]

God’s Warriors

Right now I’m watching the Christian portion of “God’s Warriors,” a week-long special on CNN, featuring reporter Christine Armanpour (who I’ve always admired). Some of the evangelical groups represented here are pretty scary. I’ll be back tomorrow with the YouTube link to the Christian Warriors segment — meanwhile, here are the preceding two segments of […]

Can I help you enjoy that Snickers bar?

This commercial had me cracking up.

Meet my daemon:

I’m reading The Golden Compass right now, and it turns out the film version of the book is due out this December. On the film’s website, I can find out which daemon best fits my personality. So far I’m really enjoying the book — I love the main character’s name, Lyra.