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May 2007

In honor of the Creationism "Museum’s" opening:

Five creatures I would depict interacting with one other if I ran a “Creationism Museum” by Merlin 1. sabre-toothed tiger 2. Captain Crunch 3. John the Baptist 4. dwarf panda 5. Casey Kasem link More 5ives here.


Customs Agent in Minneapolis, after noticing I’m married to a Canadian: So, what you’re telling me is that there weren’t any American men good enough for ya? That’s a compliment to you, mister. That agent was hilarious, and a welcome… Continue Reading →

Jane Austen, take me away!

I found a YouTube site with all of the A&E’s Pride and Prejudice series — you know, the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? Sheer delight! (especially since you can’t rent the series in town!) At one point after… Continue Reading →

Cue the Taps

‘What will your obituary say?’ at

A different kind of quotable:

[overheard on the Daily Show last night:] Stewart: So, what do we do then? [regarding America’s status in the Middle East]Jason Jones: We? There’s no we, I’m Canadian! Everyone loves us. We’re like the world’s gay friend.


A good word is like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed and whose top is in the sky. (the Qu’ran)

Another reason for mandatory drivers testing for the elderly

My mom was just hit by an elderly woman in a parking lot. Apparently this 80-something lady wasn’t looking and was driving too quick in the lot to stop in time. My mom is okay. She’s banged up, and is… Continue Reading →

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