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Free is better than cheap

Thanks to a comment by Ryan, I was directed to Saskatoon’s Freecycle program. From its FAQ: – Freecycle is NOT a charity.– Freecycle is NOT a lending closet.– Freecycle is NOT a free-for-all.– Freecycle is NOT a means to get as much free stuff as you can.– Freecycle is NOT a way to get more […]

Everything you wanted to know about the Sopranos

… in less than 8 minutes. A six-season refresher recap, in preparation for next week’s premiere of the last 9 episodes. Now there’s an offer you cannot refuse! (via) Incidentially, there’s a great article about the series in this month’s Vanity Fair.

Biblical suicide bomber?

The philharmonic choir in Victoria, BC is presenting Handel’s Samson oratorio as a suicide bomber in 1946 Jerusalem. From the article: The oratorio has the familiar music written in 1741 by George Frideric Handel with the same words, but the time and setting have been changed. … Samson is an examination of a political and […]

The perils of maternity leave:

I spent most of this morning convinced that today was Wednesday. I’m finding that the concept of time means nothing when you’re so caught up with a two-month old and her various needs. You wouldn’t think someone so little could take up so much of your time — but you’d be wrong.

Emma by Warhol

Emma by Warhol, originally uploaded by becky b.. Our little one is already postmodern! Original photo here.

PSA of the day:

…and you barely look a day over 99!

Next week the University is celebrating its 100th birthday. There’s a whole day of celebrations planned, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sneak away to some of them. The itinerary of the week is here, and the two events I’m hoping to attend are: Birthday Kick-off Kick-off our birthday with President Peter MacKinnon, […]