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February 2007

KISS* baby

Of course we’ve got to have the cliched baby in the bath photo — ‘cept we’ve given ours a bit of a pop-culture twist! Baby’s first Gene Simmons impression, originally uploaded by becky b.. Emma has recently discovered that she… Continue Reading →

Giving Britney a break

After all the influx of Britney/Anna Nicole “news,” a poignant (and pretty funny) monologue from Craig Ferguson of the Late Late Show: “For me, comedy should have a certain amount of joy in it. It should be about attacking the… Continue Reading →

Move over, Hallmark!

The inside of a card from one of my Brownies. I’ll take the sentiments of an earnest 7-year-old over cliched greeting cards anytime!

What he said.

You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward. — James Thurber

Would Oprah be left behind?

Rapture Wreaks Havoc On Local Book Club MARION, IN—Following last week’s rapture, which transported four members of the Millersville Mockingbirds Book Club to heaven in order to be with Jesus Christ, the three remaining members have reportedly been scrambling to… Continue Reading →

CBC fangrrrl

CBC fangrrrl, originally uploaded by becky b.. Making her mama proud. EDIT: Hey, this morning Emma was featured on the CBC’s official blog! Now her mama’s even more proud!

Objectivist Children’s Sleep-over

Classic Colbert: I love it.

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