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November 2006

What’s in a name?

Guess what Jerry and I did today? I’ve added another middle name to my legal name. Instead of just Rebekah JoAnne Bennetch, I’m now Rebekah J. Peters Bennetch. (note: a new middle name, not a new last name — so… Continue Reading →

It’s that time of the year again

I’m offically listening to Christmas music. The tree will be put up this weekend. I’ve got tickets for this weekend’s symphony Handel’s Messiah concert. I’m plotting my Christmas craft gifts-to-make. To get you in that festive mood, check these out:… Continue Reading →

Read me:

The Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right by Robert Lanham. Here’s a sample from his site that convinced me that this is one book that belongs on my shelf: The Eleven Evangelical CommandmentsThou shalt have 11 since evangelicals go that… Continue Reading →

Work it, Mr. Prime Minister.

Tonight on CBC they’re showing the Christmas movie, “Love Actually.” Sap that I am, it’s one of my favorites, particularly this scene of Hugh Grant: Of course, the movie could be my favorite because it’s got lots of yummy English… Continue Reading →

How hateful is your home state?

There are 33 known hate groups in my home state of Virginia, 3 of which are right outside the small town where my parents live. At least with Senator George Allen on the way out, we can rid ourselves of… Continue Reading →

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic:

There is in every village a torch – the teacher;and an extinguisher – the clergyman.~Victor Hugo Discuss. EDIT: Hmmm, I may be semi-eating my own words here. On last week’s This American Life, the story of Rev. Carlton Pearson was… Continue Reading →

The coldest college cup game in Canada

Tomorrow is the big college championship game in Canada, the Vanier Cup. This year I’m literally on the game’s back doorstep — the stadium it’s being held in, Griffiths Stadium, is right across the street from our front door and… Continue Reading →

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