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Guess who I saw today?

More pictures of the little one here.

Confessions of a Reader

Almost spring.A spiderStakes a claimOn a cornerOf the eight-foot windowIn our living room. Each morningI admireTaut guidelines,Carefully placed spokes,Dancing gown threads,Architecture unrivalled. My motherWould not tolerateSuch slovenly housekeeping.She would get a broomAnd knock downThis errant squatter’s palace. I do not. I am waiting for CharlotteTo leave a message. “Confessions of a Reader”by Carol Wilcox[via]

Is there a pro-life movement without God?

[disclaimer: these are just some random thoughts I had after watching the last episode of 30 days. Read and respond with an open mind? I’m not sure where this rethinking of the issue is going to take me, but I’ll post these thoughts anyway.] This is the question I have after watching the latest installment […]

Not much to say

But I’ve got a couple new posts up over at my baby blog — including a poll of whether I’ll have a boy or a grrrl. I’ll know, hopefully, by Thursday. Click on over and leave a vote. I’m off to run errands and enjoy this last week of summer before classes start.

For the record:

Cruise Weekend is the lamest “festival” our city has to offer. Nothing like watching a bunch of drunk, overcompensating guys trying to show off their rides — well, that’s what happens after dark on 8th Street, anyway. Yawn. It also signals the official end of summer. Sigh.

Well done, Sister Suffragette!

So, cast off the shackles of yesterday! Shoulder to shoulder into the fray! Our daughters’ daughters will adore us And they’ll sing in grateful chorus “Well done! Well done! Well done Sister Suffragette!” Happy Women’s Equality Day! If I was around in the early 1900’s, you know I’d be one of the suffragettes. Joint Resolution […]

Abba’s last video

Thanks to my mom, I know most of the lyrics/songs included on this video. I’ve got many memories of being a “dancing queen,” lamenting my lack of “money money money.” Happy Friday! [via]