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July 2006

Futon looking for a good home

Hey local folks, Anyone looking for a new-to-you futon? It’s a double-bed sized 8″ thick mattress, with a metal/wood frame (that’s easy to take apart/put back together again). We were hoping to get some money for it, but we’re flexible… Continue Reading →

Jeanette Winterson on Faith and Reason

A quote from show #3 of the seven part PBS series: BILL MOYERS: How do you compare the gods of Greek mythology, with the God of the Old Testament? JEANETTE WINTERSON: Well, of course, it’s monotheism. The God of the… Continue Reading →

Non-verbal communication & personal accountability

This has been a much beleaguered topic in classroom discussions, especially as of late. Non-verbal communication is an interesting topic — but it’s also one that is misunderstood. One thing that I tell my students, as I teach them about… Continue Reading →

Best Colbert interview yet.

Maybe it’s because the DC representative gets really pissed off at him — but this exchange is too priceless not to immortalize on the blog. This morning our sewer line backed up, so it’s been a (literally) shitty day. This… Continue Reading →

Mostly harmless.

Don’t panic! It looks like my site has made it into the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blogosphere. That’s a nice surprise for a Thursday. (and the timing of it is pretty remarkable, especially considering I’ve picked up HHGTG on tape,… Continue Reading →

I like the sound of that!

I’m scheduled to go into a meeting tomorrow, where we’ll discuss the different benefits that will be a part of my University employment. On the appointment confirmation email, the person wrote “Dear Professor Bennetch” — not exactly true, considering I’m… Continue Reading →

Should America invade Saskatchewan?

Because today’s a day for a little Rick Mercer talking to Americans — Part 2Part 3Part 4and Part 5 am I offically less of a patriot because I find this so hilarious?

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