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November 2005

And now for something superficial…

Okay, so I’m rarely at home to catch Oprah these days, but it seems as if the few times I’m actually able to — I get stuck watching a cheesy celebrity interview. Dang it. I enjoy her social-justice episodes FAR… Continue Reading →

Pushing my way into an all boy’s club

Oh, those bastions of the patriarchy — politics and religion — two very stratified areas that typically do not look too kindly upon the “fairer” sex’s participation! Ironically, these are the two arenas that I get the most passionate about…. Continue Reading →


Me: [mumbling about the weather, and the fact that my body will remain freezing cold until probably April of next year] Him: Well, maybe we should invest in an electric blanket! Me: Who needs an electric blanket when you’ve got… Continue Reading →

Exciting day for politics here:

History made with no-confidence vote today in Parliament. It’s the first time a straight motion of no-confidence has been passed in Canada. While I can’t vote here, it’s still exciting. Right now Mansbridge, etc is tellin’ me all about it…. Continue Reading →

To clarify:

Link I’m finally getting settled in my “new and improved” office space, and this comic is one of the few that I’ve printed up to decorate the space.

More from Buy Nothing Christmas

There was another quote mentioned in the info kit about BNC that I really liked — and I’m adding it to my ever-expanding list of things-to-read: In terms of authenticity, I’m trying to find a way to be “real.” I’m… Continue Reading →

‘Buy Nothing Christmas’ Carollers Bring Message to Mall

Cheerful demonstrators opposed to the commercialization of Christmas managed to sing six anti-consumer carols at a Winnipeg mall before security evicted them. About a dozen members of a group promoting a “Buy Nothing Christmas” set up near Santa’s house in… Continue Reading →

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