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September 2005

It’s that time of the year again — Banned Books Week. I’m not a fan of the banning or censoring of books — I’m sure that’ll come as a huge surprise to many of you (most likely not). I was… Continue Reading →

Hurray! I can stay in Canada, after all. With two whole days to spare (before my current visa expires), I’ve got my extension to stay until August 2006. Here’s hoping that by that time I’ll be a permanent resident!

And now for some news of the religiously weird: Remember that chick who shared the Purpose Driven Life with her captor in Atlanta? Turns out she shared more than mass-marketed evangelicalism with him. It all makes perfect sense now! And… Continue Reading →

There are two distinct smells in the Engineering Building on campus: Those who do not bathe, and those who do — in cheap cologne, not water. It’s quite the bouquet.

When feminism was good for business, 2

When feminism was good for business, 2 Originally uploaded by culturecat.

Hey does anyone in town have a vacuum cleaner we could borrow for a day? We’re vacuum-less, and need one to do a quick sweep in our old apartment in order to get our damage deposit back. Anyone? Volunteers get… Continue Reading →

I’m awake, now. Perusing my usual blogs this morning, I came across Marc’s post from last night: Many people deny that legalized gay marriage is the beginning of a “slippery slope” (a taboo term these days) for the institution of… Continue Reading →

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