Monthly Archives: August 2005

Here’s one chance encounter I’d like to chance upon — girl meets Jon Stewart at a NYC Chinese restaurant, finds out he actually reads her blog (!!), and then is invited to join him and friends for dinner. Seriously. The only “celebrity” that reads this space is probably a local creepy weatherman, who I tend […]

Looks like the levees didn’t hold as expected in New Orleans — last night they overflowed and several aren’t running. One FEMA official has called this “the most significant natural disaster to hit the United States” — and I doubt he’s prone to hyperbole. Some estimates put New Orleans at over 80% flooded, with some […]

She of the small mouth — that’s right, the next time someone accuses me of having a big mouth, I’ll know it’s metaphorical. I just got home from a lovely visit with my dentist, and I found out that my open jaw doesn’t, at least very well or wide. I had to have a kid’s […]

FYI — when you tell your landlords about the leak in your bathroom, and they presumably fix it, expect another leak to pop up somewhere ELSE in your apartment. That’s right, we’ve gone a couple of days without inadvertent showers in the bathroom, only to be replaced by a leaky kitchen wall and surrounding wet […]

Now this is sad. Brushing my teeth just now, I look in the mirror at this odd pinkness around my neckline — I asked Jerry, “what the heck is this?!” It’s sun. It’s the first real amount of sun I’ve had all summer (yes, now summer’s almost over) — and I couldn’t even recognize it. […]

(relatively) Good news for a Monday — The levees look like they’re gonna hold for New Orleans. — and, Despite not sleeping much or very well last night, I woke up to the news that I’ll be receiving a Graduate Teaching Fellowship grant this Fall. I’m very excited about this — it’s big news for […]

“Hurricane Risk for New Orleans” — part of a report filed in 2002. “KYAGB—kiss your ass good bye,” reads Maestri. “Because,” says Maestri, “anyone who was here when that storm came across was gone—it was body-bag time. We think 40,000 people could lose their lives in the metropolitan area.” And some scientists say that figure […]