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June 2005

Epiphanies at 3AM If I ever finish writing this thesis, my next writing project will consist of observations I’ve made at my Tim Hortons after midnight. Interesting people come out at this time of the night, and my book would… Continue Reading →

THE MALL’S BANANA REPUBLICSFOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM.By Kate Hahn Oligarchy & FitchForever TotalitarianClub MonarchybabyJuntaDictatorship’s SecretJ. CronyAmerican Eagle OccupiersFrench Colonial Connection (FCCUK)Old Duchy

I just got home from a grown-up dinner party. I realize that I’m now technically in the age realm of “grown-ups” — but somehow I’m always surprised when I find myself conversing about serious issues, surrounded by adults, complete with… Continue Reading →

Happy Pride weekend! I’m not silent when it comes to my support of all my homosexual friends — in fact, I’m a bit of a bulldog when it comes defending any discrimination of them. But I haven’t always been this… Continue Reading →

See my little sister blog at See Suzy Spin (yet another member of the grrrl meets world family!). Fair warning, she looks to be a better writer than I — so I post this link with a little trepidation!

Mortal, Eat this Scroll! — The introduction and Hermaphrodite Terrorist Angel: How many holy rollers does it take to pray the devil out of a hermaphrodite terrorist angel? (good question) More online chapters from Killing the Buddha — church dismissed.

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