It looks like Mark Fuhrman is going after Michael Schiavo — and the media, not wanting a horse to remain dead, is kicking —

Sean Hannity and the Confederacy of Dunces

Of course Hannity wants the spotlight on Schiavo. This will distract the public from the fact that Terri’s autopsy backs Michael Schiavo’s contention that his wife was in a persistent vegetative state, a claim that Hannity fought. Like Jeb and George Bush, Tom DeLay, and Bill Frist, the Fox talk show host doesn’t want to look stupid.

[…]Terri’s autopsy destroyed every claim Hammesfahr made about her condition. Terri’s brain was half its normal size, severely and permanently damaged, giving her no chance of recovery. She was also blind.

How did Hannity respond to the autopsy report when it was released June 15? He had as a guest that day Mark Fuhrman who suggested that Michael Schiavo had strangled his wife with a pillow back in ’90. Though the autopsy revealed no evidence of this, Fuhrman explained that a police choke hold could deprive a person of oxygen without leaving marks. (Fuhrman ought to know, the ex-cop who used to brag about beating and torturing suspects.)

Shameless. Disgusting.

But Jeb Bush’s response wasn’t much better than Hannity’s. On the day of the autopsy results he directed Florida’s state attorney to open an investigation into whether Schiavo delayed in calling paramedics when he found his wife passed out in their bathroom. The pretext for Jeb’s sudden interest, 15 years after the fact, is that over the years Schiavo has given different estimates of the time he discovered Terri—was it 4:30 a.m. or 5 a.m.?

Never mind that it was very early in the morning, and Schiavo was panicking and trying to revive Terri—a far more human response than Jeb’s brother, George, showed as he sat dumbstruck in a second-grade classroom after having learned that his country had just been attacked by terrorists. …

Sigh. I do feel sorry for Terri, what a legacy to leave behind.

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