Last night, I had epiphanies at Tims. Tonight was an entirely different experience.

We headed over there a little after 1, complete with newly-repaired laptop in tow. Tonight I got up the courage to let Jerry read over my literature survey, to see if there were any gaps in my logic or flawed citations. Sometimes being married to another writer has its privileges!

That wasn’t the odd part of the night. (it was actually quite nice — not only in editing together, but in seeing how far I’ve come in this chapter!)

After about 2:30 or so, the crazies of Saskatoon start to appear. For some reason, tonight felt extra creepy — maybe it was the stormy weather outside? We had everything from stoned out rich kids looking for some free donuts to soaked night drivers coming in to refill their cup.

Of course, the one night I bring my laptop is the one night it would not stop pouring outside. Poor husband had to run all the way home to grab the car. And, like magic, as soon as he leaves the cafe, a really creepy shakey guy comes in and orders a coffee and muffin and sits RIGHT BESIDE ME in the completely empty restaurant. Disturbing, to say the least.

Luckily, my knight in a shining Beretta wasn’t too long in coming to the rescue. The end.

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