Welcome to the 21st century, where we’re still stuck in the “you asked for it” mode.

This billboard is found in Tennessee, and it’s causing notable waves. It’s put out by an abstinence group for teens, and in the attempt to generate good “buzz” for their campaign — they’ve opened a different can of worms.

While some find the message sexist in the way it targets girls, Scott Hughes, director of Just Wait, says it’s really more about teenage boys.

“Guys are turned on visually by what they see, so it’s really saying guys aren’t men enough to control themselves, therefore you have to be careful on how you present yourself,” says Hughes.

I hate these types of messages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for encouraging teens to think twice before having sex — but I’m not for reinforcing stereotypes that if a girl wears a certain outfit, the onus is on her if anything should happen. Accountability goes both ways, fellas. Sure, I’m old school enough that I think particular body parts should remained covered — but showing a little ankle doesn’t take the responsibility off of the guy. He should be “man enough” to make the right decision.

These messages in society are frustrating, yes. But typical? Maybe a little too much, these days. I just hope girls don’t buy into them, or other Revolve-esque attempts to subvert them into a particular mold.

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