Monthly Archives: June 2005

Wedding present hangovers … are the best! I just got a package from a good friend back home. In it were some pretty things from here and 2 homemade mixed CDs. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Here’s the playlist of one of these CDs, and you’ll see why this grrrl is close to my […]

The old idea of the intellectual as the one who speaks truth to power is still an idea worth holding on to. Tyrants fear the truth of books because it’s a truth that’s in hock to nobody, it’s a single artist’s unfettered vision of the world. They fear it even more because it’s incomplete, because […]

If you’re interested or a part of the Make Poverty History movement, tonight they’re having a special documentary report on CBC’s The National. (if you don’t have access to a CBC station — poor you! — but you can also watch the broadcast online.)

It looks like Mark Fuhrman is going after Michael Schiavo — and the media, not wanting a horse to remain dead, is kicking — Sean Hannity and the Confederacy of Dunces Of course Hannity wants the spotlight on Schiavo. This will distract the public from the fact that Terri’s autopsy backs Michael Schiavo’s contention that […]

Last night, I had epiphanies at Tims. Tonight was an entirely different experience. We headed over there a little after 1, complete with newly-repaired laptop in tow. Tonight I got up the courage to let Jerry read over my literature survey, to see if there were any gaps in my logic or flawed citations. Sometimes […]

Computer, be slow no more! I’m content with my new desktop — but the 256MB of memory that came with it just wasn’t cutting it. I’m at heart a multi-tasker — so while I’d be working on the computer, I would get the dreaded “out of virtual memory” message, and things would go downhill from […]

Welcome to the 21st century, where we’re still stuck in the “you asked for it” mode. This billboard is found in Tennessee, and it’s causing notable waves. It’s put out by an abstinence group for teens, and in the attempt to generate good “buzz” for their campaign — they’ve opened a different can of worms. […]