I’m still transcribing those horrid “Blab” question and answer columns for my thesis (so far, 12 pages of 10 pt. font, single spaced fluff — what layer of the Inferno am I on?) . I fluxuate from laughing hilariously at what I’m reading to being really angry at some of the sentiments expressed in this “hip” medium.

What’s even funnier are the typos I inadvertently type when my eyes start to cross after typing too long. For example, here’s one question in the text:

Q. The Bible says I’m supposed to be loving my enemies. Does this mean I’m supposed to love Satan?
A. The answer is no, we are not to love Satan. Satan is the enemy of God. He is more than a foe to us; he is evil itself and as children of light we cannot love darkness of have any part in it.

Stupid question, I know. When I was typing it out though, I misspelled “Satan.” Instead, I typed

Satin is the enemy of God.

Heh. Now there‘s some theology for you on a Saturday afternoon. Church dismissed.

UPDATE: (2 days later) TWENTY pages of this dribble I just finished transcribing. Yikes.