Monthly Archives: May 2005

The Sensibilities of Menby Jennifer K. Lutherfrom the poetry contest of Writers’ Journal Romeo would have eventually explained to Juliet thatthey were young when they met.He needs to explore his options and find himself.You cannot adequately experience life if you commitwhen you are fourteen. Snow White’s man would later clarify that the drawhad been necrophilia.She […]

Friendly tip o’ the day: To stop the rare pop-ups/unders that appear on Firefox, here’s the fix. You can thank me later. (for those of you that are still using IE, join the cool kids club and use Firefox. You’ll never go back.) via Troy.

This picture is just begging for a caption.

To all my friends, family, and fellow slackers who have not yet RSVP’d for my upcoming wedding reception: Répondez s’il vous plaît, already! Today is supposedly the day you’re supposed to either email or call me to say if you’re coming or not. Granted, you’re still welcomed to come, even if you don’t RSVP — […]

More fun with Revolve. Some questions are just funny (“Was Jesus a vegetarian?”) to the following which are subtly scary: Q. I found out that my friend, who is 15, sells and smokes weed. What should I say? Should I try to help him?A. You best bet is to find out more about him. What’s […]

I’m still transcribing those horrid “Blab” question and answer columns for my thesis (so far, 12 pages of 10 pt. font, single spaced fluff — what layer of the Inferno am I on?) . I fluxuate from laughing hilariously at what I’m reading to being really angry at some of the sentiments expressed in this […]

You didn’t ask to be born but here you are, breathing, moving, living. You’re holding onto a rising balloon that you can’t let go of because by the time you realize you’re holding onto the thing, you’re already too far off the ground. But you know one day it will pop. In the meantime, you […]