Monthly Archives: March 2005

Here’s a perspective you don’t hear everyday. In this particular post, amidst his railing against false accusations of the ec movement, I found this section troubling: 2. the poor will always be here. Giving us plenty of opportunity to minister in the model of Isaiah 58. There are many emergent blogs currently linking to an […]

To catch you up, before going to write on thesis: There’s something about being at school so early that you’re the only person in the computer lab — and the hallways are still dark. I can’t wait for summer term, when this place is deserted once again. No more jackets for me! It’s plus temperatures […]

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the bath, reading one of your favorite magazines, and you come across an article about your favorite (reality) TV show that makes you reconsider some of its appeal? From the Winter 2005 issue, “The Unquiet Americans” by Rachel Fudge But for those who prefer to see conflict […]

Walking to lunch this afternoon, I noticed strange patches of green amidst the snow on the ground. One lovely rumor is that it’s grass. I’ll keep you posted, as the details develop on this story…

Okay, I lasted a few hours on the blog-fast — I had to post this: Unphotographable […]While this may not be a picture of a train conductor who was just doing his job, or of the scared Americans who believe that a man on a train platform with an antique camera and a cable release […]

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live. – Henry David Thoreau I’m having a bit of a blogging break this week — so posts will be sparse, if any. I’m hesitant to say there will be NO blogging, mainly because if something really big happens […]

It’s funny how movies change on you. Or maybe you are the one that changes, and not necessarily the movie. I’m watching one of my Streisand favorites (yes, I am a fan), Funny Girl. In addition to obnoxiously singing along to all of the songs (I’m now especially found of “Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady“) — […]