Dejected. Deflated. Despondent.

Hooray for fear tactics! Now serving Americans since 9-11-2001, and counting.

I’m in shock, literally. I’m also very pissed off, and I’m asking those of you who were rooting for Bush to be gracious, otherwise you will NOT be welcome here. I’m in a deleting type of mood for tacky, anonymous comments tonight. Hell, if my President can be a bastard for another 4 years, so can I.

I cannot believe Bush won. Cannot. believe.

I’m terrified.

Not only is he in charge of the Executive branch, but there’s majorities in the House and Senate now. With 3-4 justices retiring within the next term (possibly) — I’m picturing an even more police state than there is now.

But it’s fear that won this election — it’s the gift that keep on giving. Found not only in most evangelical faiths, but now in a democratic government near you!

UPDATE: Well. Ohio could still be up in the air. Who knows?

I was watching CBC earlier, and they made an interesting point. If, God-forbid, Bush should win this election in both the popular and electoral votes — he has no real reason to work to bring together the people who elected him and those who voted against him. Just think, if he can be the bastard he was for the last four years — when he wasn’t ever officially ELECTED and without a mandate — just think of how he’ll respond when he thinks he has the majority of Americans behind him.

…anyway, I’m *supposed* to be teaching a lesson on extemporaneous speaking tomorrow at 8:30AM. I suppose I should finish outlining what I want to say. Somehow I doubt I’ll be sleeping anytime soon.

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