Monthly Archives: November 2004

The perspective of a present

The perspective of a present, originally uploaded by Becky B.. Last night we set up our Christmas tree — kicking off the incessant christmas carols, movies, gift-buying, food and other elements involved with my favorite time of the year. More pictures of our Tannenbaum here.

Worship Freehouse

100_4163 Originally uploaded by Jordon. Here’s a picture of me as an apparition at last night’s Freehouse. More pictures of the night here.

If you have brains and a heart, show only one or the other, You will not get credit for either should you show both at once. РFriedrich H̦lderlin

To cuss or not to cuss. Recently my pal Jayson got into some trouble over on his blog for using a certain four-letter word that began with the letter F. So much erupted over his choice in diction, that it reminded me of a passage I once read: On the Use of Dirty Words William […]

Tonight, whilst mingling with people at the Worship Freehouse, I met and talked with the wife of one of my professors at University. She was very nice, and seemingly interested in my thesis topic. After I ranted and raved about the horrors that are Revolve — she looked at me and said that she thought […]

What a great weekend I’ve had. Not too long ago I returned from having coffee with one group of really cool people. Lots of laughing, caffeine, poutine (by some individuals OTHER than myself), and stupid human tricks abounded. I astonished everyone with my balance-two-forks-on-the-tip-of-a-toothpick trick. That’s always a crowd pleaser — and if you’re lucky […]

Snarkiness aside, I’m off to (another!) turkey dinner this afternoon. My thesis supervisor is throwing us a Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas party at her house. I’m making my famous lattice-top apple pie!