Fuggetabout Swift Boat Veterans for the “Truth” — it’s time for Internet Vets for the Truth:

Who Are We?

The Internets Veterans For Truth are a few long-time bloggers, designers, and techies who decided (in slackerly fashion, around the end of last week) that some of the clips that’ve been floating around online needed to be seen by everybody.

A few catchy slogans, registered domains, and a mess of volunteered hours of encoding, design, dev, and server wrangling later…

This site is a virtual goldmine of video clips from the Daily Show, various documentary clips from Going Upriver to Fahrenheit 9/11, news clips, and other odds and ends that highlight the so-called careers of George W., as well as some clips concerning John Kerry. Files are both in BitTorrent and Quicktime. Go waste an hour or two over there before casting your vote on Tuesday.

Also, don’t forget that Marc Perkel is offering free downloads of Fahrenheit 9/11 on his site until November 2nd. Both Moore and Lion’s Gate have authorized this — so go take advantage of it while you can. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with Moore’s politics, see the film so you can decide for yourself.


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