My ultimate Hallowe’en costume:

I’ve wanted to be the Bee Girl since I was 14. Don’t you remember the Blind Melon video, No Rain? It was about this dancing girl in this hilarious bee costume — and everywhere she went, she just didn’t fit in. She went all over town, only to be turned out or laughed at by others. These rejections continued until the end of the video, when she finally found a group of others — just like herself! All in bee costumes, dancing happily.

I admit, I’m drawn to the whole metaphor of the bee girl moreso than the snappy outfit she has on. Maybe it’s because I can relate to how she feels. Tonight, for instance, I was literally surrounded by people — and yet I still managed to feel utterly lonely inside. There are times when I totally “click” with people — and others when I feel like a complete outsider, looking for my own group of bee people to belong to and call my own.

One day I’ll get that costume, you wait … and I’ll wear it with pride, and may even do my own little bee dance to complete the ensemble.

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