Monthly Archives: September 2004

It snowed today. SNOW! It’s going to be a long winter, methinks.

Overheard on the Daily Show tonight: Stewart (to reporter Ed Helms): What, you write your news reports the night before the actual event? What if real news breaks? Helms: Jon, that’s what bloggers are for! Heh. Plus, tonight’s bit about Bush being interviewed on Bill O’Reilly — priceless. Oh, by the way — your computer […]

Ordered two new book victims offa today: This one and this one — both of which were highly recommended. The one thing that stinks about living here are the customs I usually have to pay. I’ve had to pay for gifts from my sister, a teeshirt ordered, and will probably have to pay some […]

I got up long enough to go to a class this morning, sign for my student loan, and then drive back home. Now I’m back in bed, exhausted. No fun being sick. I’ll settle in for a bit of a nap, and will hopefully knock out some thesis work in the afternoon/evening. I’m supposed to […]

Q: My church is embarking on something called “40 Days of Purpose”. Can you explain what this is? A: Sure! The popular “40 Days of Purpose”® discipleship effort originated with Saddleback Church® in Lake Forest, California. The program leads participants through forty daily studies to help them discover God’s will® for their lives. The 40® […]

The other day (after watching Garden State for the second time), I was walking downtown with a friend of mine. I was relating to him why I liked this movie so much — how I could really relate to the protagonist’s angst when it came to defining himself and what his future holds in store. […]

Return of the King is going to be 50 minutes longer in its extended release!!! If I wasn’t feeling so crappy, I’d be doing a happy dance. Click the link above if you wanna find out what extra scenes will be in the movie — and you won’t be disappointed! More epic Aragorn in my […]