Monthly Archives: May 2004

Concrete Sky Beth Orton Faith has a good side still everyone she ever loved they all turned bad Constance his own way of breathing and you know You couldn’t will him to survive Couldn’t will him if you if you tried, and there’s a concrete sky Falling from the trees again and you know now […]

Greetings from the ‘Peg. What a whirlwind past couple of days! I’m writing this from the desk in the U of Manitoba dorm room I’m sharing with her. She’s sleeping quietly in the background, and I feel like the only one in the building that can’t/isn’t asleep (the joys of insomnia — it’s an hour […]

Well kiddos, I’m off to Winnipeg first thing in the morning. I’ll be presenting my paper around lunchtime on Monday. All waves of good mojo appreciated. If there’s a computer handy in Winnipeg, I’ll break away and purge any blogging urges. I’ve also got my camera handy to document anything exciting. I’ll be back in […]

Today I played model with Ang as she practiced shooting people for an upcoming wedding. This is me in a Zen garden outside of Innovation Place.

In case no one has noticed yet, I tend to have a persistent case of hyberbole — with a touch of melodrama — appearing especially in my later-night posts. I’m okay, though I do appreciate the good mojo and thoughts and advice sent out my way. In the car today with Ang, I got to […]

Tonight I had some quality alone time. Both of the things I had planned to do were cancelled, so that left me with more time than I knew what do to with. I ended up walking around some, picked up some whipped cream (to eat with my fresh strawberries — yum!), some cold medicine (I […]

Yeah, soccer practice was cancelled, but I think it was worth it.