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April 2004

Hot damn. I’m finally finished my exam (4.5 hours later — granted, there was a mini-caffeine break in there) and I got 30/30 right on the terms and definitions section. Woohoo, that guarantees me at least a 30%. I’m just… Continue Reading →

A three hour nap, a three hour nap… I’m sorta rearing to go. Mostly, I’m conscious and ready to get this exam behind me. I forsee a couple cups of coffee in my (very) immediate future, along with a nap… Continue Reading →

Stupid Sarah McLachlan Night lift up the shades let in the brilliant light of morning but steady there now for I am weak and starving for mercy sleep has left me alone to carry the weight of unravelling where we… Continue Reading →

Here’s to tomorrow morning at 10! Due to some (unregretful) choices concerning my evening plans tonight, behold ye wonders of the all nighter. To distract you from the Kenneth Burke you’re supposed to be studying: Gaze at the Anatomy of… Continue Reading →

It’s officially crunch-time, regarding this upcoming exam tomorrow. So, this means that all I want to do is stay home, clean my room, pick up some groceries, go out for a couple hours tonight — basically anything besides what is… Continue Reading →

(I’m exhausted, but can’t go to sleep until I transcribe this amazing dialogue from Atlas Shrugged. I literally got tingles, reading this before going to sleep tonight) Aloud, she said, “I want you to know this. I started my life… Continue Reading →

Blogging double-duty: For the next month I’ll be one of the blogsitters over at Darren’s blog while he’s out safari-ing in Ireland and Africa. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting/provocative things to post after this final and 20 pager are behind… Continue Reading →

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