Monthly Archives: February 2004

If ever there was a picture screaming for a caption… It must cost a lot of money to have someone style your hair deliberately to make it look so fake. If only he had the money to hire a decent hair stylist. (sigh)

Out waaaay too late celebrating Leap Day. But here are some pictures to show that is wasn’t all for naught. I think I’ll only hire Angela from now on to take any and all pictures of me. Is it especially narcissistic to say how much I’m liking my toned arms? Probably. Good morning.

I just spent 10 minutes or so taking’s Physical Attraction test (found via pop culture junk mail) Here’s my total results, but here are some of the big surprises: What Is Your Approach to Judging Which Men Are Handsome or Very Attractive? Very Picky: It’s official: You’re “picky.” The fact is you are drawn […]

Via the always funny (and a little too applicable) PhD comics. It’s also the shirt I’m wearing right now.

There’s nothing like walking around in fresh snow. I love the way it sounds and feels under your feet. Sorta like walking around on cotton — soft and muffled. I also love how fresh snow covers up all the dirty slush. It’s just not that much fun to drive on. Maybe I should walk more.

Here’s something disturbing, yet strangely hilarious… Bud Light’s Making Faces. “It’s time to stop sending regular email, send a living, breathing, talking character that you can create in just minutes. Here’s the one of me (as a “country grrrl”) I received in email a couple days ago. It’s a little creepy to receive an ecard […]

Dear A website where you can send letters to Mary Cheney, in response to her dad’s (and his pseudo-boss’s) newest discrimination campaign. From website: What do you hope to accomplish? We hope to convince Mary to do the right thing and publicly urge her father to oppose any proposal to add anti-gay prejudice to […]