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February 2004

If ever there was a picture screaming for a caption… It must cost a lot of money to have someone style your hair deliberately to make it look so fake. If only he had the money to hire a decent… Continue Reading →

Out waaaay too late celebrating Leap Day. But here are some pictures to show that is wasn’t all for naught. I think I’ll only hire Angela from now on to take any and all pictures of me. Is it especially… Continue Reading →

I just spent 10 minutes or so taking’s Physical Attraction test (found via pop culture junk mail) Here’s my total results, but here are some of the big surprises: What Is Your Approach to Judging Which Men Are Handsome… Continue Reading →

Via the always funny (and a little too applicable) PhD comics. It’s also the shirt I’m wearing right now. 🙂

There’s nothing like walking around in fresh snow. I love the way it sounds and feels under your feet. Sorta like walking around on cotton — soft and muffled. I also love how fresh snow covers up all the dirty… Continue Reading →

Here’s something disturbing, yet strangely hilarious… Bud Light’s Making Faces. “It’s time to stop sending regular email, send a living, breathing, talking character that you can create in just minutes. Here’s the one of me (as a “country grrrl”) I… Continue Reading →

Dear A website where you can send letters to Mary Cheney, in response to her dad’s (and his pseudo-boss’s) newest discrimination campaign. From website: What do you hope to accomplish? We hope to convince Mary to do the right… Continue Reading →

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