Monthly Archives: January 2004

Yes we really are that cute. And yes we were crazy enough to go driving on the scary Saskatchewan roads today.

Poor cold car.

Georgie, you’se got some ‘splaining to do! Yeah, so, there weren’t any WMD in Iraq. Our bad. But, Saddam was an evil man, so our invasion and projected $521 billion dollar deficit is justified after all. Right? Not for me. Everyone has heard about David Kay, the former CIA weapons inspector in Iraq, has testified […]

blizĀ·zard \Bliz”zard\ (bl[i^]z”z[~e]rd), n. A violent snowstorm with winds blowing at a minimum speed of 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and visibility of less than one-quarter mile (400 meters) for three hours. A very heavy snowstorm with high winds. Or according to the OED: 1. A sharp blow or knock; a shot. Also fig. […]

Links to distract you from the raging blizzard outside: Georgia considers banning the word “evolution”: ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) — The state’s school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia’s science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase “biological changes over time.” Yep, my home state. This is so ridiculous it’s funny. Worst. Toy. […]

I just feel exhausted, on so many levels.

Coldest place on Earth: Saskatchewan endures record-breaking temperatures Even the Antarctic seemed balmy compared to Saskatchewan’s Key Lake on Wednesday. Environment Canada said Key Lake was the coldest place in the world, with temperatures that dipped to -52.3 C. Jay Anderson couldn’t find any place colder. “I looked all through Siberia and Greenland and northern […]