Monthly Archives: November 2003

Hyper-ballad Bjork We live on a mountain Right at the top There’s a beautiful view From the top of the mountain Every morning I walk towards the edge And throw little things off Like car-parts, bottles and cutlery Or whatever I find lying around It’s become a habit A way to start the day I […]

Last night was so much fun. While I didn’t have on the sexy stilletos Carrie wears, my boots worked fine enough. I did try on L’s super-high heels (ironically I typed “hells” just now), and toddled around her apartment for a few minutes. I would have not survived the night if I had worn ’em. […]

For a little while tonight, I was able to sit by myself in the living room and just watch my Christmas tree. No distracting television shows, no roommates, no noise besides the occasional car passing in the street below. Yes, it’s not even December yet and I have a Christmas tree set up in the […]

Top 10 Dangers of Living in the Blog Space 1. You think everyone cares about your opinions: They don’t. They care about mine. 2. You stop having normal experiences: Every event you participate following your initial blog post will be constantly interrupted as you simultaneously live the adventure and write the corresponding blog post in […]

“The world is not what I think, but what I live through. I am open to the world, I have no doubt that I am in communication with it, but I do not possess it; it is inexhaustible.” — Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

And now, a warm fuzzy moment of teaching — Tonight I got the following email from a student I taught last year: Hey Becky, This is *** *****, I hope this e-mail account is still active. How are you? how did your term papers turn out? I was wondering if I could come and see […]

I’ll be home for Thanksgiving, if only in my dreams.