Monthly Archives: September 2003

And you thought the Swamp Thing was scary! I love my stylist. Love, love. I can only afford to go see him a couple times a year, but he does wonders to my hair. (He just found out today that he’s one of five people out of the province to be nominated for hair stylist […]

“AT SEVENTEEN” By Janis Ian I learned the truth at seventeen That love was meant for beauty queens And high school girls with clear skinned smiles Who married young and then retired The valentines I never knew The Friday night charades of youth Were spent on one more beautiful At seventeen I learned the truth… […]

Return of the King trailer. (it’s for quicktime and it has Chinese subtitles, but who wants to wait until it’s officially released? Watch it now, instead.) I could spend the rest of this very intelligent post speaking about the wonders of Tolkien’s storylines and prose — but instead I’d rather dwell on how incredibly hot […]

This had to be the best weekend of Fall to head out to the country. I love Autumn. It’s a season that I couldn’t ever appreciate when I lived in Savannah. The trees never changed color there. Either they were green and full, or dead and empty. But here it’s a completely different story. Not […]

Apparently my blog as been weighed, measured, and found wanting. Dom, this is a blog that follows the standard blogging formula almost suspiciously closely. It reminds me of the blog about the porn store clerk, which I was sure was written by a professional writer who’d studied blog form and got its glib, punchy […]

This is sorta what I’ll be doing, ‘cept I won’t be looking nearly as good. Minor catastrophe avoided today. I packed a salad for lunch, and the Greek salad dressing leaked all over my bag. It coulda landed on my students’ essays — fortunately it only got on the anthology book. Now I’ll be able […]

This guy really reminds me of Gary Larson, back in his funnier days.