Monthly Archives: August 2003

Back in the Deep North My lack of blogging has been due to fighting a cold, running around school getting things straightened out, and rearranging my room. Let me sum up: — The trip from Fargo to Saskatoon was long but fairly uneventful. We ate lunch in Bismarck at a nifty cafe called Space Aliens […]

I’m sick. And very overwhelmed with school/packing/life issues right now to post anything intelligible. So until then, enjoy this: No roommates around this weekend, doo-dah, doo-dah.

Home! Post more later — I haveta be at school tomorrow at 8:30AM. (ugh)

Currently in Fargo, ND and I’m already missing humidity. Brrr. I guess that’s to be expected after spending months in a semi-tropical environment. I guess this’ll put us back in Saskatoon tomorrow night sometime. I had a couple heart-stoppers tonight: first of all, I got a certified letter back at my Savannah address. I have […]

Miles traveled: 1345 Miles to go: 1245 Currently in Janesville, Wisconsin. Tomorrow’s plan is to get to Bismarck (around 700 miles) and then on Wednesday trek back to Saskatoon. I’m pretty tired right now, and there’s Steel Magnolias on HBO. It’s already making me miss the South, though I’m excited (and ready) to be going […]

Me and ‘Chelle in Memphis I’m in Memphis right now, after driving 11 or so hours yesterday to get up here. We’re gleefully mooching off the Ellis’s brand-new household — and today’s their 18th wedding anniversary, so Happy Anniversary youse two! I’ve also had the chance to check out the soon-to-be-home of Ringo Starr, who […]

(map not to scale, but pretty darn close) We’re leaving first thing in the morning. First stop, Memphis, Tennessee and a quick visit with the Ellis’s. From there it’s due North through Illinois, West through Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota — then North up to Saskatchewan! MapQuest says the mileage should be right around 2300/2400 […]