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Today I hit a wall. Metaphorically, thank goodness, but still. I’m tired. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but the routine of it all is really starting to get to me. I’m hot, sweaty, tired, and quickly running out of creativity. This is near the end of week 9, with one more week to go. I think I’ll be happy to see it end.

I’ve been doing more reading lately. Last week I finished Cider House Rules by John Irving. I liked it, moreso than the movie — probably in part because the book is nothing really like the film it was loosely based upon. The book was interesting in the ways it dealt with the morality & legality of performing abortions. It’s wild to think how emphatically I was stationed in the Pro-Life camp years ago, and now I don’t consider myself a part of that movement at all.

As usual, I ended up bonding with the characters of the novel — so much that after it was all over I felt a huge let-down. I guess I’m odd in that I feel a connection with fictional characters. I guess it’s a type of relationship I form throughout the course of the book — granted, not all books lend to this type of connection, but the ones that do are the ones I remember (and treasure) the most.

Tonight I’m off to spend some time with grrrlfriends, drooling over Tom Cruise and/or Colin Farrell (the only man I’ve seen who can make an almost unibrow sexy).

After the day/week I’ve had, I could use the distractions.


Jack Kerouac bobblehead doll giveaway.

Oh, he is SO rolling in his grave right now.

I wonder what other literary greats will be reduced to their own bobble head? For that matter, I wonder how many of the 1000 people to receive a bobble head will actual have read (or even know about) Kerouac.

Literary greats I’d like to see: Tolkien, Dostoevsky, Plath, Morrison.

(Okay, not really. But it is an amusing idea to have literary stars marketed like sport stars — especially when we know who really possesses the most talent!)

Evidence #425 that I am a geek.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Your Horoscope Identity is: Aquarius


idealism – innovation – originality – independence –

renovation – intuition – solidarity – fraternity – nonconformist –

inventive capacity.


inaccessible nature – radicalism – intolerance – eccentricity -

provocation – hardness – abstraction.








Electric Blue, Violet, Blue-green, Gray-green.


Mozart, Paul Newman, Mia Farrow, Boris Eltsine,

Vanessa Redgrave, Tom Selleck, Sydney Poitier,

Cybill Shepherd, John Travolta.

Aquarius is the sign of perspective, the future and projects.

An air sign, it symbolizes intellectual development through

communication. Uranus pushes Aquarius toward change

and innovation. It is the most human of the zodiac signs

with a strong sense of community and fraternity.

I’m not that big of a buyer into astrologicalisms, but it is wild on how your sign pins many of your personal qualities down. At least it always seems that way to me.

Odd day today — camp was crazy hectic, as usual. My missing (and often slack-assed) counselor explained that she didn’t come into work yesterday, due to her father having a heart-attack. She said she called the Fitness Center 3 times to let me know of this, yet I didn’t receive a single message. That’s really odd, considering the importance of the message, I would have heard from the gym right away.

Anyway, I didn’t think much else of it, until she told me she had to leave at 11:30 to see her dad before he went into surgery. I think if my dad had a major heart attack I wouldn’t want to come into work for a couple hours and leave his side.

Of course, she didn’t clock out. I had to go right after she left and do it for her — despite me telling her SEVERAL times of the importance of clocking in/out. Grrr.

On a whim, after work today a few of the counselors and I decided to follow up on this surgery and call the hospitals to see where her dad was having it. We called all three hospitals in the area, and not a single one had a record of her dad being there. Hmmmm.

I’m really beginning to think this girl is a compulsive liar. (and she looks nothing like Jon Lovitz!)

Creepy picture for a Tuesday.

Tired. Crabby. Overworked. Underpaid. Sleepy. Boring. End post.

How cool is it that Howard Dean has his own weblog? (the original started on Blogspot, too!)

I heard about it this while driving home, listening to NPR’s All Things Considered. It was an interesting story — they compared Cheney’s fundraising efforts today with Dean’s internet fundraising. While Cheney was in Columbia, South Carolina at a $3000/plate, Dean ate his $3.00 lunch and talked to donators on his blog.

It’s wild, but Dean has raised the most money out of any of the other Democratic contenders, all through “regular” people donating 50 to 100 bucks at a time on his site. I think it would be interesting to do a comparison of actual people donating to the “powerhouses” of politics (at thousands of dollars at a time) to the people donating to Dean.

Okay, enough stumping for my likely candidate. You know I had to say something, especially since we’re a perfect match.

While I like CBC back home, I’m really going to miss my NPR (the US equivalent).

Today was crazy, hectic, exhausting. I think I set myself up for this, everytime I think a week is going to be easier, with less kids. I have over 40 (actually, almost 50) kids this week. AAARGH. Becky had to nap when she came home, to say the least.

And now I’m off to the evil Walmart Supercenter, to buy more supplies for tomorrow.


psst. by the way,

[/shameless plug]

Two and a half months of training

85% of her own stunts done, herself

A guy working as her stunt double

A fun storyline, lots of exotic locations, plus a grrrl who can handle guns, her man, and most of all herself.


Yeah, so it’s not a thinkpiece — but it was fun watching. I liked it better than the first one, even.

Yay Angelina. You rock.

From this week’s chiasmus newsletter:

“A mighty pain to love it is,

And ’tis a pain that pain to miss;

But of all pains, the greatest pain

It is to love, but love in vain.”
– Abraham Cowley

“Wandering in a vast forest at night,

I have only a faint light to guide me.

A stranger appears and says to me:

‘My friend, you should blow out your candle

in order to find your way more clearly.’

This stranger is a theologian.”
– Denis Diderot

LOVE this one:

“Skepticism. The first step toward truth.” –Denis Diderot

“People are trapped in history

and history is trapped in them.”
–James Baldwin

“Not everything that is faced can be changed.

But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
– James Baldwin

And the most applicable:

“America is great

because she is good,

and if America ever ceases to be good,

America will cease to be great.”
– Alexis de Tocqueville