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I admit that …

… I often make up words when writing, and am convinced they exist until the dictionary tells me otherwise. For instance, I thought this list should be “admittions” for some reason.

… I’m starting to have an appreciation for Anime.

… I still deeply despise some people who purposefully hurt my family — and resent even more the people who stood back and watched it happen.

… other than that, I’m pretty happy-go-lucky.

… I often buy nail polish colors just because I like their name. For example, right now I have on “Goddess,” when it really should be labeled hot pink or something. Other favorites included Earth Girl, Indigo Chic, and I’m not really a waitress.

… I actually like Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Dance with Me.” But to be fair, I liked it more until I found out he was the one singing it.

… I’ve always wanted a tattoo but can never settle on what it should look like.

… I do spend time during the day thinking about what I should (and shouldn’t) put on this page.

… I’m anxious about going back up to Canada — which is odd, really, considering I was anxious about coming back home down South.

… I probably spend too much time watching movies and not enough reading.

… this won’t stop me from being a part of a Foreign Movie series that starts tonight in Savannah (reminding me of the Broadway theater back home). Tonight’s movie is the Swedish film, Together.

… I have a fierce independent streak.

… my latest crafts kick is making hemp bracelets.

… I dislike forms of organized religion.

… I think that Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and John Mayer’s “Body is a Wonderland” are two of my favorite sexy songs.

… I feel a little bit guilty now when I watch my camp kids play with Cowboys and Indians. I bought them as toys they could play with before camp starts, and now watching the kids play with them makes me wonder if I’m inadvertently reinforcing a negative stereotype or not.

… I have my tongue pierced and will probably get my nose done once I get back home.

… I often say things I don’t mean.

… I have a Care Bears watch and actually still own jelly bracelets.

… I have an annoying tendency to procrastinate until I feel overwhelmed.

… I sing when I’m alone in the car but laugh when I see other people doing the same thing.

… I bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday. One, because they looked like Birkenstock clogs, and two, because they reminded me of Sex and the City Carrie-type shoes. Both were less than $15.

… I’m becoming more and more liberal in my opinions.

… this list has gone on long enough.

[take the test] – [by]

Damn apostrophe mishandlers.

(link courtesy of the “Elite” grammar whore, JCA)

Hey, so whatcha doing tomorrow? If you’re near LA, you could go to the first annual US Air Guitar Championships. Yes, there really is sucha thing. I bet its really just a gathering of a bunch of dads, determined to embarrass their young ones in the car by playing an air version of Stairway or Smoke on the Water.

My 12-hour-long work day was okay, but loooooong. The amount of kids was reduced considerably, which was nice. I’m looking forward to the 2 hours of overtime that’ll be on my check this payperiod.

After my billing for all my camp kids, I realized that we made almost $4,000 this past week. Too bad I don’t work on commission!

One of the grandparents went out of her way to tell me that this year’s camp is loads better than last year’s — in terms of its staff, activities, and crafts. Hearing that made me happy, so of course I gotta gloat.

Not much exciting going on tonight. I rented The Animatrix and Punch Drunk Love, both of which I’ve wanted to see for a whiles now.

I may get out to see the new scary movie 28 Days this weekend sometime — I’m in the mood to get scared or at least creeped out.

Feeling about 5% better (being auto insured again as of 4:35PM). Here’s some links that helped:

New teeshirt I want: American Apology. It says “I’m sorry my president’s an idiot. I didn’t vote for him” in all the official UN languages. Yeah, so I *did* make the mistake and voted for the bastard, but at least I voted. And you can bet I won’t be making the same mistake twice. (via Idle Type)

This one’s for Natalie: Reunion of Sylvia Plath’s fellow guest editors at Mademoiselle. (NY Time username: grrrlmeets, password: grrrlmeets) Very interesting read, there’s even a picture of them all, from years ago. I’m still sorting through some of the stuff in the article — a must read for all Bell Jar fans. (via PCJM)

From the religious extremist department: Acts of God: America’s Warning Not to Divide Israel. From the always-hilarious 700 Club webpage. Crazyness.

“In the early stages of the Road Map peace process, weather catastrophe and recent violence in Israel have competed for the headlines. That violence coupled with America’s own battles at home are leading some to question the Road Map. Is there a connection between dividing the Holy Land and utter disruption? Some Bible scholars think so.

Is America playing a dangerous game? As the Road Map peace process encounters resistance, the Bush administration’s determination to see it through has escalated.

Secretary of State Colin Powell said, “We have a plan, we have the commitment of leaders and now we have to execute that plan, keep moving forward and not allow ourselves to be distracted or thrown off point, from the promise that’s out there with the Road Map, by this surge of violence. We’ve got to punch our way through it.”

But, up against biblical prophecies, Koenig said America is standing against the very Word of God and should expect major obstacles. “

Hmmm. I can’t see how having peace in the Middle East can be construed as a BAD thing, but then again, I didn’t believe that feminists, homosexuals, pagans, etc caused the Two Towers to fall, either.

I hate Pat Robertsons and their ilk.

And since I’m still semi-crabby, one of my favorite crabby links: CLIFF YABLONSKI’s I Hate You. No kidding, one of my ex-boyfriend’s picture is on one of those pages. If I wasn’t so crabby, I’d go find it. Most of these are just awful, but I guess my sense of humor is such that I find it funny. (That is, until I find a picture of ME on one of those pages.)

Grrrrr. Pardon me while I brood.

Not a good day. Not quite a terrible, no good, very bad day — but still not a good one.

Finally got some money from boss to spend on camp supplies — realized with expenses already acquired, nearly half of it is already gone before I even start.

Head off to market to buy some very-needed items — first market doesn’t even STOCK kool-aide. Yes, they have every version of bottled water and caviar, but no powered drinks.

Drove down road to Kroger supermarket. Proceeded to buy a very heavy basketfull of stuff. Went to check out, had a VERY disgruntled employee ring me up. I think she thought I cut another guy off in line, but he was nice enough to let me go in front of him. Anyway, the cashier was slack, mishandled my groceries, and didn’t say a word to me. On the way to the car my bag busted with a two-liter of soda inside. Grrrr. I called the manager and ratted her out. Not a good day.

Heard from my dad at work, knew something had to be wrong. Turns out that my car insurance policy was cancelled, as of TODAY. Today. (The reason I was on his policy in the first place was that it was cheaper than getting my own, with his multi-car line)

So, not only will I be driving home illegally, but the next time I could be insured wouldn’t be until at least next Friday. This with me needing to drive to work everyday, and vacation next week. Hmmm.

I was not happy. I ended up going to Mike’s State Farm office and filing a claim with them, to be processed next week.

But to make an already long story short, my dad did somehow arrange for me to have a temporary policy until I get back up to school. Which only means I now have the fun expectations of dealing with provincial insurance providers in August. Sigh.

So while I guess all ended well, I’m still tired and disgruntled.

But at least tomorrow’s Friday.

Random Wednesday.

– Love love this teeshirt, and sadly — it rings a little true for me sometimes during my day.

– I think my outfit I wore to supper tonight broke around five of the clothing standards set by Rev. Falwell, linked below. It was a tank top (straps less than 2 inches), the back of the shirt plunged lower than my bra (whatever that means), shorter shorts, sandals, and would probably be ranked “immodest.” Woohoo, go me!

– Called a disgruntled parent today. Turns out she thinks our camp isn’t “structured” enough for her little one and that he’s had “behavior problems” recently. Hmmm. This coming from a woman whose child yelled “where the hell where you?” when she picked him up yesterday. Sounds like that behavior problem wasn’t caused by me and my camp counselors. Sigh.

– Another one of my campers, a little five year old named Gracie, loves the newest Uncle Kracker song, Drift Away. She sounds way too cute singing it, although I’m a little worried that it is Uncle Kracker that she’s singing, after all…

– There’s a place in Savannah where I can get the boba tea I’ve been desperately craving since early May! And it’s even open 24 hours. Score.

– Last weekend I saw one of the worst movies I’ve ever paid full price to see. Avoid at ALL COSTS Rob Reiner’s latest, Alex and Emma. Its premise is charming enough, but the acting/writing/everything about it is plain awful. The best part of the film was me giving pal Kevin a cinnemon Altoid dissolving strip and watching him freak out to the hot reaction in his mouth. That almost made paying $7.00 worth it. Almost.

– Tonight I convinced myself that being at work since 7:30AM and herding 35 campers around all day long was a good enough excuse to skip out on the gym. I do love the wondrous powers of rationalization!

– On Friday I’m working a double shift, 12 hours. One half at camp, the other closing out the fitness center. Ugh.

– I’m making my parents a webpage so that they can issue their monthly letters online. Yeah, it’s blogger, but hey — free is better than cheap!

– Still don’t have a hotel room for next weekend’s Pepsi 400 race. But still can’t wait to go!

– Right now the world’s best chocolate bar has got to be a Wonka bar. No kidding, they really make these things. Perrrrfect for this time, unfortunately no bizarre-looking Gene Wilder creators attached.