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June 2003

Admissions. I admit that … … I often make up words when writing, and am convinced they exist until the dictionary tells me otherwise. For instance, I thought this list should be “admittions” for some reason. … I’m starting to… Continue Reading →

[take the test] – [by] Damn apostrophe mishandlers. (link courtesy of the “Elite” grammar whore, JCA)

Hey, so whatcha doing tomorrow? If you’re near LA, you could go to the first annual US Air Guitar Championships. Yes, there really is sucha thing. I bet its really just a gathering of a bunch of dads, determined to… Continue Reading →

Feeling about 5% better (being auto insured again as of 4:35PM). Here’s some links that helped: New teeshirt I want: American Apology. It says “I’m sorry my president’s an idiot. I didn’t vote for him” in all the official UN… Continue Reading →

Grrrrr. Pardon me while I brood. Not a good day. Not quite a terrible, no good, very bad day — but still not a good one. Finally got some money from boss to spend on camp supplies — realized with… Continue Reading →

Random Wednesday. — Love love this teeshirt, and sadly — it rings a little true for me sometimes during my day. — I think my outfit I wore to supper tonight broke around five of the clothing standards set by… Continue Reading →

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