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The Pocket President

Just slip The Pocket President into your shirt pocket, jeans or purse, and you’ll instantly take your place among America’s rich and powerful, knowing that the President is totally in your pocket!

– Want a series of enormous tax cuts for the very wealthy?

– Need a pesky environmental regulation undone, repealed, or just quietly ignored by the EPA?

– Hope to advance the agenda of a wide range of right-wing crazies?

– Looking for some some help putting big business insiders into key positions in government where they can do the bidding of corrupt, evil, and greedy corporations?

With the Pocket President, all of this — and much more — is instantly within your grasp. Because as we’ve seen since January 20, 2001, when you have the President in your pocket, there’s almost nothing you can’t do! (via Idle Type)


My first summer vacation has begun — and not a moment too soon!

I’m housesitting for the next week at my grrrlfriend Michelle’s house! (look, I DID use your name in my blog, so nyah!) I’ve got an entire house to myself for the next week — with all the amenities. A big screen TV, Playstation 2, dvd player, kick-ass stereo, kitchen, brand-new grill, high-speed internet — and all without any of the bills! She even let me drive her new car to the airport to drop her off. Sigh, I needed this break. I’m already temporarily moved in. :) Oh, and I get to play and cuddle with 2 kitties and one cute puppy dog, too. I’m looking forward to this break. It’s like an all-expenses paid vacation — with very little of my own expense involved. Even I can afford that.

Camp starts officially on Monday. I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be good to be back on a regular schedule again — plus I’m looking forward to being out in the sun and getting paid almost 10 bucks an hour for it.

My American hero, Jon Stewart.

A new tradition while I’m home — catching the real news, The Daily Show. He totally cracks me up, and cuts the crap when it comes to politics — especially concerning the present administration. I’m always more attracted to the guys that make me laugh (of course with the exception of Jim Carrey and Jerry Lewis). Jon Stewart is a total cutie pie. I dig.

Today I met my counselors I’ll be working with for the summer. They seem so young and quiet, I dunno how it will work out this summer. I miss my old crew already. I could finish the rest of this post with boring news on camp-prep stuff, but I’ll spare you.

But I will say that my aerobics instructor tonight was the mom of one of my new counselors. Small town, this.

Starting on Friday, I’ll be housesitting at my friend Michelle’s house. We’ll have a big screen TV, high-speed internet (yay), plus animals to snuggle with and a house free of uncomfortable silences. I can’t wait. I’m gonna miss her (and her fam) when they leave for Memphis next month!

I’m so stressed about money right now. I looked at my credit card bill for next month and it was nearly TWICE what I usually pay. That was when I noticed that my APR was crazy high. Luckily, I called them, groveled appropriately, and got my rate knocked back to 12%, which is still high — but hella better than what I was paying. Sigh. I’m so going to budget and pay them bad boys down some this summer. Being broke and indebted sucks. (part of me wished I could be lame like that grrrl who got people from the Internet to pay off her credit, but I’m not nearly that desperate. At least not yet anyways.)

Could be worse, though: Here’s the US National Debt Clock. Sigh.

Well, I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Perhaps I’ll try for more, now.

Did the Mighty Ducks even show up for the game tonight? Methinks only the goalie got the memo. For those of you hockey-impaired, the final score for game one was NJ Devils 3 – Ducks 0. Sigh.

Tired tonight. Spent most of the day doing camp stuff and then gym. One tired grrrl.

Be ye entertained with these links:

Are the state quarters cursed?

Chocophile:“Men, Coffee, and Chocolate are all better rich.”

All Candy Expo: Chocolate Jelly Bellys, light-up lollys, and Jolt bubble gum. Whatta country.

I had some groovy M&M’s. Yes there are such a thing.

and I hate being back on dial-up again. (as if I wasn’t impatient enough already. grrr!)

I’m getting there. I don’t suck, but I’ve got a ways to go.

From FARK’s photoshop contest of the hacking of Michael Moore’s website:

I hate cockroaches. I haven’t missed them at all, living up North. Now that I’m home again in the semi-tropical environment, I’m a complete wuss. I scream and act like a grrrl whenever I come across them (ironic, no?). Nasty buggers, I hates them. I especially hate how they scuttle and make a crunchy sound when you squish them. Ick. I do love the fact that Saskatchewan is so cold that bugs don’t survive for long (except the grasshoppers and silkworms in the summertime).

I can’t get this song outta my head.

All day today was a Law and Order marathon. I’ve loafed most of the day, enjoying it. I recorded a bunch of ‘em to watch later, but accidently pressed the SAP (Secondary Audio Program) button in setting the timer. So now when I watch the tape, I have this annoying narrator voice that fills in for me what’s going on in the scene. I think blind people must use this to help them keep up with what’s going on. All I know is that it’s very annoying to watch a program when everything is narrated for you — “Jack glares at the defendant and he cowers under his stare” etc. Gah! But I did get to the gym this afternoon and was somewhat productive.

I saw two very special friends tonight. My former youth minister (back in the days when I went to church) and his wife. They are such amazing people. They’ve been in Atlanta for the past 3 or so years, and I didn’t realize the extent that I’ve missed them until tonight. I grew up with them as such a major part of my life — from looking up to them for advice and to act as mediator between me and my parents to the endless practical joke wars involving melted marshmellows and my hair. Seeing them tonight was good, but also made me a little sad. I’ve been friends with Jenny forever, and until tonight, I hadn’t talked to her in almost 2 years. I miss having close grrrl friends.

I just think that I have a hard time getting close to people. Sure, I’ve got people I can hang out with and such — but when it comes to deep friendships, where I can be completely honest and open — I’m at a loss. Maybe it’s because I don’t trust people very much, so ultimately it’s my fault. It still is hard though. I could probably count on one hand the number of people I feel especially close to.