Monthly Archives: May 2003

The Pocket President Just slip The Pocket President into your shirt pocket, jeans or purse, and you’ll instantly take your place among America’s rich and powerful, knowing that the President is totally in your pocket! — Want a series of enormous tax cuts for the very wealthy? — Need a pesky environmental regulation undone, repealed, […]

My first summer vacation has begun — and not a moment too soon! I’m housesitting for the next week at my grrrlfriend Michelle’s house! (look, I DID use your name in my blog, so nyah!) I’ve got an entire house to myself for the next week — with all the amenities. A big screen TV, […]

My American hero, Jon Stewart. A new tradition while I’m home — catching the real news, The Daily Show. He totally cracks me up, and cuts the crap when it comes to politics — especially concerning the present administration. I’m always more attracted to the guys that make me laugh (of course with the exception […]

Did the Mighty Ducks even show up for the game tonight? Methinks only the goalie got the memo. For those of you hockey-impaired, the final score for game one was NJ Devils 3 – Ducks 0. Sigh. Tired tonight. Spent most of the day doing camp stuff and then gym. One tired grrrl. Be ye […]

I’m getting there. I don’t suck, but I’ve got a ways to go.

From FARK’s photoshop contest of the hacking of Michael Moore’s website:

I hate cockroaches. I haven’t missed them at all, living up North. Now that I’m home again in the semi-tropical environment, I’m a complete wuss. I scream and act like a grrrl whenever I come across them (ironic, no?). Nasty buggers, I hates them. I especially hate how they scuttle and make a crunchy sound […]