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November 2002

What Lunch Meat Are You?

Canada is warming up (funny, I can’t tell!)

Doh, almost forgot that today is Thanksgiving. My schedule is all thrown off, since I celebrated it over a month ago. Though there will be no after-Thankgiving sales shopping for me, this year.

Was I ever a first-year student? The “quality” of these essays is amazing — and I don’t mean in a good sense, either! I’m helping mark a couple papers for a friend, and it is wild to read (much less… Continue Reading →

Good times. Dontcha just love coming home from a long day at school, with the intentions of grading first-year essays (which are supposed to be handed back Friday), and instead, getting wrapped up in a game of Spanking the Monkey?… Continue Reading →

Which Goddess Are You? You scored 33.3% Artemis If you are ruled by Artemis, your independent spirit belongs to no one but yourself. Your body is vibrant, your attitude robust and your manner vigorous and alive. You are driven by… Continue Reading →

Well, now I’m only 47 hours away from Weyers Cave than the 53 hour trek to Savannah. Tonight I went to Handel’s Messiah by the Saskatoon Symphony. It was amazing, and loads better than when I saw it performed in… Continue Reading →

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