Monthly Archives: October 2002

Happy Samhain.

The joys of making a CD when you should be marking undergraduate essays: Frontier Psychiatrist Avalanches Under Pressure David Bowie & Queen Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Indigo Grrrls She Green Day Mother Mother Tracy Bonham Devil’s Dance Floor Flogging Molly Supernova Liz Phair Connection Elastica Spin the Bottle Juliana Hatfield 3 Seether Veruca […]

What cartoon dog are you? Brought to you by the good folks at (Oh, and yay Angels! Whatta game/series!)

I must seem like the biggest sports geek at this point. But I haveta say that I luuuurve Tony Stewart’s Great Pumpkin car for this race.

He’s so cute, he almost makes me wanna cheer for the Giants. Almost.

per·di·tion [Middle English perdicion, from Old French, from Late Latin perditi, perditin-, from Latin perditus, past participle of perdere, to lose : per-, per- + dare, to give.] 1. The fact or condition of being destroyed or ruined; utter destruction, complete ruin. 2. Theol. The condition of final spiritual ruin or damnation, the future condition […]

I really like snow. I like the noises it makes when I step — feeling it tickle my nose and getting caught in my eyelashes. I like watching it fall at night, muffling sound and making everything appear dazzling white. Granted, I may not be singing the same tune 3 months from now, but for […]