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October 2002

Happy Samhain.

The joys of making a CD when you should be marking undergraduate essays: Frontier Psychiatrist Avalanches Under Pressure David Bowie & Queen Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Indigo Grrrls She Green Day Mother Mother Tracy Bonham Devil’s Dance Floor… Continue Reading →

What cartoon dog are you? Brought to you by the good folks at (Oh, and yay Angels! Whatta game/series!)

I must seem like the biggest sports geek at this point. But I haveta say that I luuuurve Tony Stewart’s Great Pumpkin car for this race. 🙂

He’s so cute, he almost makes me wanna cheer for the Giants. Almost.

per·di·tion [Middle English perdicion, from Old French, from Late Latin perditi, perditin-, from Latin perditus, past participle of perdere, to lose : per-, per- + dare, to give.] 1. The fact or condition of being destroyed or ruined; utter destruction,… Continue Reading →

I really like snow. I like the noises it makes when I step — feeling it tickle my nose and getting caught in my eyelashes. I like watching it fall at night, muffling sound and making everything appear dazzling white…. Continue Reading →

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