Monthly Archives: September 2002

Ah, NASCAR. Whatta race today (even though Jeff Gordon won…grr.). Red-flagged with less than 10 laps to go! Kevin didn’t finish so bad, despite having tire problems at the end of the race. He finished a lap down, but still made 11th place (and did lead almost 50 laps of the race, earlier). Wow, do […]

I’ve had my hair cut by a biker with a razor blade. Really! Got up this morning and trekked to Chelsea’s Hair Design to have my hair cut and highlighted by a guy named Kim. I wasn’t expecting much, but was looking forward to having my hair done (since the last time I had it […]

Here’s the email I got from my Icelandic prof: Dear Rebekah, What a wise and good person you are! You have done just the right thing, and although I shall miss you in my class I will know that you have, really, other things to think about at this time and that they are, truly, […]

Wow, and I thought my hobbies were lame. This is a sport?

Watching the English Patient (and still think its pretty much full of drek). I’ve gotta give a presentation on “The English Patient and Hollywood” next week, so I think I’ll be watching and reading waaaaaay too much on it in the next coming days. Maybe I’ll get an appreciation for it, I dunno. what’s your […]

Adios, Old Icelandic. I’ve come to the conclusion today that this language is so not me. After spending hours studying the stuff this weekend and last night, I arrived at class this morning still at least 2 lessons behind everyone else. Then I sit in class for 2 hours, struggling to understand what the hell […]