5 hours and a half a can of paint primer later, my hutch has two coats of paint. I think that I may have gotten as much paint on the hutch itself as I got on my legs, arms, feet, hair, hands, and even face. So in addition to my hair now being “Ginger Glow: Intense Copper Red” (as printed on the hair dye box yesterday), I have lovely white streaks of paint that will not come off. Ah well. At least my nails look like I’ve sat through a French Manicure (something I have no money

or patience to endure otherwise!). Now I know that I will not look glamourous on Trading Spaces, especially if I had to paint a whole room and repeated pieces of furniture for two straight days. But at least my hutch looks AWESOME now. At least 100 years younger.

The loan saga continues: as of today, my check has not surfaced at school. Of which causes me to worry more about the possiblilty of going to Toronto before school starts — mostly because my poor car needs some TLC (not the channel) before I go, for behold it reeketh of power steering fluid and needs an oil change desperately. I’m off to campus tomorrow to meet with a professor and check my mailbox (alongside the faculty’s!), so hopefully I’ll be able to track it down.

Off to sample some of Canada’s finest: a 7-11 Slurpee.

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