Damn A&E. Showing back to back episodes of Law and Order when they KNOW that I should be in bed by now. Its a conspiracy, I tells ya. In case you can’t tell by my off-hour postings, I haven’t been sleeping so well lately. I’ve resorted to taking a couple melatonin before I hit the sack, hoping that it’ll knock me out enough to get some rest. Seems like something wakes me up everynight. A couple nights ago, the power went off for 2 hours, shutting off my fan and my rain-noise maker — thus waking me up. And last night, rather this morning at 7AM, my neighbor decides to mow his lawn right outside my window. GRRR. No pillow over my head or white noise drowns out machinery in the wee hours.

I finally got the primer paint for the hutch, after two trips to Wally World. The first trip out there, the paint man said that I had to determine whether or not if the paint on it now was latex or oil-based. He said to rub some nail polish remover on it to determine — if paint comes off, its oil. If not, its latex. Turns out its oil-based. Paint, check. Rollers and tray, check. Dropcloth, check. Lots of time to spend painting it, double check. I’ve even got some paint chips to look at and figure out how I wanna paint it.

Finally, I watched Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks today. And you know, it was actually tolerable, despite Angela Landsbury being the lead! 🙂 I wasn’t ever allowed to watch the movie growing up, so it was kinda neat to watch it today as “a grown up.” David Tomlinson reminds me of my dad, though I doubt I’d ever see him “bobbling along on the bottom of the beautiful briney sea.” (much less singing it!)

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