So for the past couple days I’ve been plagued with this really annoying eye-twitchy thing… you know, the kind where you keep feeling it twitch back and forth, knowing that its blatantly obvious to everyone who looks at your face, yet in reality you’re the only one who can tell? Wonder what that means? Stressed? Check. Not sleeping well? Check. A need to invest in an eye-patch? Ummmm, let’s hope not…

I’ve finally got money in my bank account again! Hooray! Thank the goddess for parents willing to bail out an overtaxed and under-loan-paid daughter. I’m calling good ole Sallie Mae tomorrow to check on the status of my loan being processed. I really feel irresponsible for getting myself into this financial fix — but then again it was the loan company who conveniently “misplaced” my Master Promissary Note and neglected to inform me until TWO full weeks after I was expecting the check. Ugh.

Wow, its almost 2AM. Sleep quote for the night: “In its early stages, insomnia is almost an oasis in which those who have to think or suffer darkly take refuge.” –Colette

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