Oh how I love Trading Spaces. I’ve never been much of a TLC girl, but after moving up here, I find that its the only channel I really watch — besides the necessary Law and Orders on A&E. I’ve called the loan company, and apparently they’ve sent my check today, overnighted even. Sooo…that means tomorrow I’ll be able to go on campus and harrass the financial aid department and give it to the cashier, and then wait again for bureaucracy to work (in other words, wait til the school processes it). But at least the money is in sight — which means I’ll be able to get a dresser finally, get my car looked at, and possibly make a trip out to Toronto to see my friends in the next week and a half or so.

I’m off now to go to Wal-mart and get some priming paint for my hutch. The poor thing needs a good sanding, scrubbing, and paint down. I may even get fancy later on and change the hardware and add paint accents! Wouldn’t Frank and Laurie on Trading Spaces be proud! 🙂

I’m just glad to have something to do, finally!

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