Monthly Archives: August 2002

For your viewing pleasure… Make your own South Park character. Funny, the body type and mousey hair look SO realistic!! Ah, the joys of insommnia!

Despite what my WeatherPixie states, its pouring outside. Earlier it was storming good — I wonder if she ever shows lightening? The gutter is right outside my window, so when it rains it sounds all tinny in addition to the normal rain sounds. I likes it. I watched a documentary tonight. A FUN one, at […]

Hurray for Jimbo and his contribution of Sleeman Honey Brown. Mmmmm, Canadian beer. Almost worth the nasty splinter I got in helping move his dusty stuff! But hey, I got free beer and a new (well, new to me) dresser outta it.

Well, I was all prepared to post another mini rant on the lack-of-loans/funds situation….but… Things actually went my way, for once?! Indeed they have. Background: this afternoon the Registrar’s Office at school called to inform me that my check had FINALLY arrived (almost 1 month late). So I trudged off to campus to snatch that […]

So…what to do in Saskatchewan when grasshoppers are swarming and Elton John is coming in concert? Why, collect over 39,000 of the buggers and win free tickets! At least, that’s what this woman did. Craaaa-zy. Elton John or no, that’s a little TOO much time on her hands.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. (or, don’t let the bastards get you down) No loan check for me, doo-dah. No sign of it anywhere, still. I’m wondering how long I should wait for it to show up in the mail (its been a week already) or if I should have them stop payment on this check […]

Ugh, I’m sick. Hooray for summer colds! It started out as an allergy attack yesterday, but has since progressed into a full blown cold. Maybe its a good thing I don’t have an hours long drive to Toronto to make this week, after all. At least I have time now to read my new book, […]