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Happy (post)Thanksgiving

When I was in the midst of life this time a year ago, I can remember how much I hated hearing people tell me how “it gets better.”  Granted, I love the Dan Savage project — but for some reason whenever I… Continue Reading →

these days

I figure if I’m going to actually do this NaBloPoMo thing, I should actually write something other than just post a picture. This week has been a busy one, despite not having to teach at all. It’s been a week… Continue Reading →

new family member

  world, meet Poppy.

Happy Remembrance Day

hey, so guess what?

I bought these size jeans today. Crazy, right? At one point in my life I wore size 18. I don’t think my head has quite caught up with what my body looks like these days. In superficial news, shopping is… Continue Reading →

Moving day!

I am loved.

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